get a FEEL (for who I am)

Hey, I am pretty lucky. I’ll admit that right away.

I get to do what I love every day and it somehow counts as “work!”

But I also work hard to earn the right to keep doing that every day.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be on the radio. This path was about as tangled as the cord on a pair of discarded headphones.

The short version of a long story is that I grew up in the country and rolling hills of America’s DairyLand, *hit Fast Forward*

From Wisconsin, I flew the nest to Boston, MA and absorbed all of the education and brownstone architecture that I could at Emerson College.

At that point I was on a path that I thought would include teaching, but turns out…taught me a lesson in Life. After a chance meeting, a couple of beers (hey, it IS Wisconsin…), and a smack-talk-riddled game of pool I was invited to “come and do a morning show for a couple of days for fun” on a local rock station while one of the original co-hosts was on vacation. Early 20’s Morgan thought, wow…that’s really early in the morning to be upright. But, sure! Why not?

*hit fast forward again* Well, what was supposed to be a morning or two of casual chit chat stretched into a much longer break. And that somehow morphed into a full-time job, launched a passion for the radio industry, and found me staying 7 years longer than the original plan. Talk about long-winded, eh?

But no radio story is a “and they lived happily ever after…” and mine wasn’t either. Which led to a break in my radio adventures.

Radio silence is also important.

During this time, I did the “real-life” stuff. Became a mom, (which if I am being honest, is my true favorite job…and actually pays about the same as radio. *rimshot!) and dipped a toe into Entrepreneurship. During this time I launched and co-owned a successful local business with my sister-which helped to established my roots and cultivate a knack for networking. It also sparked an appreciation for local businesses, and ultimately manifested a deep respect for Community.

All things that folded nicely back into returning to the mic.

All things that help me understand the needs of a business, entrepreneur, and manager (like you!) from an insular level.

need more coffee?

And…with *another fast forward*, plenty of coffee, and another lesson from that pesky Professor. Life, I found myself back in radio. This time I am in a role that I relish, as News Director for Midwest Family Broadcasting.

This is where I get to deliver headlines and share moments with a community that I love. CLICK HERE TO VISIT WISCONSIN and THE 715 Newsroom. 

Now, back to the lucky part!

I get to combine all my loves. I have the flexibility to put family first and I am fortunate to work for a company that values live, local radio and with people who make going to “work” feel like an absolute joy every day. And truth be told, my partner Alex Edwards also works in radio which makes us just as blessed (and crazy) as you might imagine.

And yeah, of COURSE I drag my daughter into the fun too. Click below to hear a “Back to School” segment that we ran on-air the first day of school:

radio is an on-air family affair


Listen to us every morning! LIVE STREAM WAXX 104.5 on the WAXX Morning Show with Alex Edwards.

Which brings us pretty much to here and now.

Although I am News Director for all 6 of our great stations, I’m also am able to stretch my passion into other markets with remote news, voice overs, and various projects along the way.

Which brings you here to this website. So, if there is a job or project that will bring us together on this tangled path, I say bring it on. That’s life!

I feel most at home behind a mic and I talk for a living, but I am also interested in what you have to say.

I listen well.

So, let’s talk.

(was that too long-winded?)

(Pssst….i appreciate your time)