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Life is all about relationships. Personal. Professional. With your favorite barista. With your dogs. Hey, I get it. Who you work with matters, too. And it matters to me that if we work together, you are happy not only with the product, but with our relationship as well.

Also, I’m a dog person (who’s a goooodboy?!) and I can foam a latte with the best of them, if that’s your thing.

But why let me tell you? Here are some of my stations, partners, clients…friends. Have a look. See what they have to say. Then decide if you think they’re lying or not. They swear it’s all true.

This is a good time to point out that although this is a page of people saying nice things about me, just knowing THEM humbles me beyond belief, because really, I am the lucky one to be able to work with them. My clients really are the best. But, I digress…

Hey, It’s my goal to add you to the album. Let’s build a relationship…and have some fun along the way.

(cuz’ I’m cheesy like that…just ask my dogs-and my clients!)

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