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par·​lor | \ ˈpär-lər  \

Definition of parlor

 (Entry 1 of 2)1: a room used primarily for conversation or the reception of guests: such as a: a room in a private dwelling for the entertainment of guests b: a conference chamber or private reception room. c: you are here

2: any variety of business places:

  • a beauty parlor
  • The Message Parlor.

Welcome to the message parlor.

This is where words become messages.

Words matter.

Stories matter.

What you do with your words matters.

This is a place where we take those words and get to work.

Whether it’s news services, client commercials, voice overs, audio books, or any variety of unique imaging projects, it matters to me that your message sounds like the “best version of itself” when it leaves my message parlor.

So, what comes into the parlor as basic words, leaves as a curated message.

We’ll start with news.

News happens (and changes) all the time.

People like to know what’s going on. That never changes.

That is why newscasts remain a premier part of programming and a key benchmark for radio stations.

And although news changes all the time, newscasts need to be consistent.

Being dependable is important, but it’s longer enough. Delivery matters.

And not all news is delivered equally.

This is why I offer a variety of News options to best fit your unique needs.

Below are examples of Newscasts that are custom work and designed to best service specific demographics of the stations they run on.

Because, newsflash! Having options is a good thing.

News Done Differently



This is classic News. Stories delivered in a very traditional way, featuring relevant sound bytes and featuring your unique station information at the end. Average run time: :90-3 min.

A “CLASSIC” Newscast Delivery for Cow Country
Longer Form Newscast w/ Audio Bytes and Station Reference

A little lighter and more conversational on delivery, but still covering the “biggies” for headlines-national, regional, and local. Usually aims to end on a lighter note at the end. Average run time: :60-2 min.

WAXX Newscast: National and Local Mix
WIAL AC Format, Conversational Delivery

A newscast that follows no specific recipe. This is great for urban formats, or stations that want to break free of old radio “rules” but still offer benchmarks. Often includes format specific kickers at the end. Average run time :45-90 seconds.

Non Traditional, Format Specific Delivery

beyond news

Sometimes you just need a few select stories read for your own purposes. Run times vary. You write, I read. An easy way to add depth and “voices” to your newsroom.

Sample of single story market read: Washington State
California single story
Wisconsin single story w/ audio bytes added

Served with an extra splash of sugar, these “FEEL GOOD” Stories are a popular addition to many stations and formats.

Friday Feel Good: Monkeying Around
Friday Feel Good: Zoom, Zoom!
Friday Feel Good: Who’s a Good Boy?!

These are a little “pop of random” provided as a way to augment programming and offer creative “filler” for stations looking for alternative and unique imaging options.

Pop of Random: Something to Quack About
Pop of Random: A Beeline for the Bathroom!
Pop of Random: Raise Your Hand

commercials, voiceovers, custom work

All of these are examples of spots I wrote and produced for clients. If you have a script already, I am happy to simply voice as well.
Commercial for an art gallery focusing on local artists
Commercial for a new pediatric dental office in town
Capet City Flooring Center – Special Client Request
Commercial campaign/endorsement with a dog groomer and trainer SPOT 1
SPOT 2: Nova Needs Traning!
SPOT 3: Group Classes
If you have a job or project idea you don’t see listed, great! I love new ideas. Tell me more with a click here.
This is an example of a client partnership that was requested from a client from another market. Below are the final versions of the spots as approved by the client.
Rockford Community Bank A
Rockford Community Bank B
This is an example of a client who provided their own script and requested a read with “some personality!”

Hooray, radio!